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Welcome to Our Fourteenth Year on the Web!

Welcome to the database. For the past 13 years THE AFIB REPORT has reported on the latest research and developments concerning atrial fibrillation with specific emphasis on lone atrial fibrillation, that is, atrial fibrillation with no underlying heart disease. The subjects covered range from the latest discoveries regarding the causes and triggers of atrial fibrillation, the use of conventional and alternative methods to prevent and treat the condition, the details and success rates of catheter ablation and surgical procedures used in curing afib and the latest in stroke prevention. All told, over 500 articles based on reports published in mainstream, peer-reviewed medical journals.

These invaluable articles are now available in the database. The database can be searched by subject and by keyword and is freely available to all. Creation and upkeep of the database is supported by Google ads, donations and by afibbers purchasing their supplements in the vitamin shop. Please visit the database and our resources section and if you still have questions please post them on the LAF Bulletin Board. You'll be sure to get a prompt answer from the houndreds of fellow afibbers visiting the Board every day.

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